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PMN: DTC Engagement Summit
Learn more about how to elevate your patient engagement marketing. Panels include:

• Effective Use of Data in DTC Marketing
There is no question that data is the path to better understanding your audience, but what data points are most important? What's useful, and what's misleading? How do you know when you've got the right set of analytics? And how can those analytics be used to improve your engagement with patients and the people that care for them?

• DTC Omnichannel: The Connected Patient Experience
Delivering a seamless patient experience across channels is the holy grail of marketing today. But it is not easy to achieve. Getting the right patient data and collecting consent to action it is just the first hurdle. Then, how do you activate the patient on therapy? Then, get them to stay on it? Tune in to learn how to drive activation and influence adherence to drive optimal outcomes.

• Marketing at the Speed of Digital: Patient Engagement
In today’s digital world, patients are more engaged than ever with their health. From tracking their own data to researching treatment options, they are taking an active role in their care. Marketers must keep up with this trend by creating engaging content and experiences that empower patients and help them feel in control of their health. In this panel, we will discuss the trends, the best practices so you can build an effective engagement strategy that meet the needs of today's digital-native patients.


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